Top 10 Biotechnology Translation Services in Europe

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Biotechnology is considered an unavoidable tendency of development that benefits almost all fields of contemporary economies. On account of its growing importance, this branch now has a high demand for specialized translation services, which are being put into use in popular international projects, research and clinical trials in the field of biotechnology all around the world.

Europe, as being the leading area with preeminent countries in the biotechnology industry and outstanding life-science contributions to the whole development of humankind, is the gathering place of so many translation agencies specialized in biotechnology.

Knowing that the high quantity of names can make you overwhelmed and confused, we decided on giving some useful information and recommendations which makes it easy for you to find the best partners among a lot of biotechnology translation services in Europe. 

What are Biotechnology Translation Services?

According to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), when mentioning “biotechnology”, it means a branch of applied science that studies evolving and producing desired products based upon living organisms, biological systems or parts thereof. Biotechnology is particularly prevalent in several life-science industries such as food manufacturing and science, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and so on, which comes along with a significant influence on humanity’s long-term development.

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Biotechnology translation is the performance of translating, converting and localizing biotechnology documents and projects into different languages of the target country or market with the aim of making the target audience understand fully and correctly the contents. Biotechnology translation has become a service as it demands a lot of virtues such as professionalism and responsibility to meet up a wide range of requirements from clients such as translation, interpretation, localization and customization. That is to say, biotechnology translation services serve as the method to boost up the cross-border cooperative research in biotech together with streamlining the clinic trials, which contributes to the application of biotech in several countries.

Which Types of Biotechnology Documents Need To Be Translated?

When it comes to biotechnology translation, there are some of the first ones that should be given priority. They cover up not only health and safety guidelines but also legal requirements. As the development and growth of biotechnology, it is advisable to always update and be informed of changes in required biotechnology documents. In detail, some popular types of biotechnology documents that need to be translated including

  • Instructions-for-use inserts
  • Multimedia audio and visual
  • Genetic testing
  • Patient surveys and diaries
  • Patient recruitment materials
  • Patents and contracts
  • Adverse Event Reports
  • Informed Consent Forms (ICFs)
  • Case Report Forms (CRFs)
  • Pharmacological studies
  • Manufacturing SOPs
  • IRB/IEC documentation
  • Product information and labelling
  • And so on

Top 10 Biotechnology Translation Services in Europe

1. Stepes 

Top 10 biotechnology translation services in Europe_Stepes

Stepes provides clients with a wide range of solutions for linguistic conversion but they do have biotech and pharmaceutical ones as the two strong points. With headquarters in Beijing and San Francisco, this translation company has built up a strong reputation for more than 100 languages as well as translation for multiple fields and industries. Besides, they allow live reporting as means to keep track of the project’s status anytime and anywhere.

2. GTS Translation

Top 10 biotechnology translation services in Europe_GTS Translation

GTS is a translation company with over 15 years of experience providing high-quality and professional translation services located in Miami. In almost every industry, they have A-list customers and successful projects. Regarding biotechnology translation services, they cover nearly 80 languages and a variety of contents and fields. Moreover, GTS brings about a good solution for the translation requirements of biotechnology firms and companies in the life sciences thanks to a strict translation process and warranty.  

3. GTE Localize

Top 10 biotechnology translation services in Europe_GTE Localize

Being the leading translation agency in Asia, GTE Localize meets the requirements of all the most demanding clients and challenging projects by professional and high-quality translation, interpretation, media localization, data collection and annotation services that serve more than 200 B2B clients globally in all major languages. Apart from teams of fully-qualified translators, GTE Localize also connects with more than 1200 native linguists in Europe and around the world, which helps this agency to not only handle specialized and complex life-science fields such as biotechnology projects but also be able to provide rare language pairs in Europe.

4. Language Scientific

Top 10 biotechnology translation services in Europe_Language Scientific

Language Scientific is a US-located translation and localization services company that focuses mainly on science-related documents and projects. Although not as wide-ranging as other translation companies and agencies, Language Scientific decided to build up their advantages in the scientific field in general and in biotech in particular via the real translation ability and a list of more than 150 languages.

5. TW Languages

Being located in the UK, TW Languages is another option for biotechnology translation services in Europe. Like Language Scientific, TW Languages particularly concentrates on the field of science with professional translation service in chemical, agrochemical, scientific, technical, healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology in up to 250 languages.  

6. Language Connections

Language Connections is located in Boston and gives customers lots of options for translation services and languages in almost any principal field including biotechnology as well. They provide translation in over 100 languages and customers can also make requirements for some specific pairs of languages if they want to do so.   

7. London Translation

Top 10 biotechnology translation services in Europe_London

London Translation conducts excellent translation services in major fields as well as their branches thanks to the native translator team who get both qualification and experience in the chosen field. The headquarter is located in London, therefore it is possible for the company to reach clients in Europe. Also, the company gets access to all the language sources and clients over the world thanks to a worldwide network of linguistics.  

8. Absolute Translations

Absolute Translations cover up to 27 sectors, branches, subdisciplines and subfields of all principal industries. Amongst these contents, biotechnology which is considered a branch of the medical field is one of their most high-appreciated ones. Furthermore, the most advantageous factor that makes Absolute Translations your ideal partner is that this company has offices in 5 European countries including the UK, Spain, Germany, France and Portugal.

9. DTS Translates

With its location in the U.S., DTS Translates has extensive experience in assisting biotech and pharmaceutical companies in expansion to the global market. They consist of a translation team that works hard to meet specific requirements while also providing quick and responsive service, making it easy for partners to manage global regulations and keep up with the fast pace of biotechnology.

10. Bubbles Translation

Top 10 biotechnology translation services in Europe_Bubbles

Bubbles Translation provides translation service in more than 280 languages translated and covers nearly 20 fields. Their biotechnology projects will not only be solved by format experts with more than 18 years of experience in biotechnology translation but also be assigned as project manager, translator, editor and proofreader. This company is currently located in America but is able to expand the network of around 3800 translators over the world. 

To Sum Up

We have just accomplished the list of top 10 biotechnology translation services in Europe in the hope of helping you get better choices for partners to deal with your biotechnology projects. 

Before embarking on your work, remember to think about our recommendations. Also, you can reach out to us for assistance in your biotechnology translation projects right away.