What Do You Need To Know Before Starting Your Biotechnology Translation Projects?

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The application of technology is promoted in almost all fields of contemporary economies as an inevitable trend of development. And as a matter of course, biology does not stand out in this wave and the popularization of biotechnology is something that goes without saying.

Together with the growing role it has, this branch now is in high demand for high-quality translation services used for increasing global cooperative projects around the world. That is to say, any biotechnology-related documents demand to be converted accurately into several languages as means of support for technology transfer and development in this field.

It is a fact that people are getting more and more interested in this topic but among the overwhelming information that they could find, there is little that can be classified in a comprehensible way. This means that searching for knowledge of biotechnology translation is a time-consuming and difficult task. For such an important issue, we would like to provide this article which makes it not only possible but also easy for you to get access to necessary information about biotechnology translation in a fast and effective way. 

Let’s take a further look into this subject!

1. What is Biotechnology?

First and foremost, we dig into the definition of “biotechnology” to get hold of the key to its core value of it. In the view of linguistics, as its name suggests, biotechnology is the combination of biology and technology. That is why sometimes this word can be abbreviated as the shorter one: “biotech”. It simply implies that biotechnology means developing biology based on cutting edge technologies. 

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From another angle, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) defines “biotechnology” as a branch of science that creates or develops products using biological systems, living organisms, or parts of them. In particular, biotechnology is widely used in life-science industries such as agriculture, food science, veterinary, fine chemicals production, pharmaceuticals, etc, which makes considerable contributions to the improvement of life on the planet. Clearly, biotechnology is a wide-ranging field with significant impacts on the sustainable development of the whole mankind.

For instance, a classical example of biotech processes in the food industry to produce desired products is the use of yeast in baking and brewing. As the major particularity of yeast cells are alive, they can be considered living organisms. For a long time, people knew to use this kind of living organism to make the dough rise bigger and therefore easier to be formed and baked. 

Nowadays, modern biotechnology is not only used for such simple aims. More importantly, biotechnology covers up advanced modification of the biological system or organism and their application in all kinds of fields. 

2. Overview of The Biotechnology Industry

The global biotechnology industry is expanding at a breakneck pace that shows no declining trend anytime in the foreseeable future. It is estimated to be worth 793.87 billion in 2021 and around USD 1,683.52 billion by 2030 with an impressive growth rate recorded at a CAGR of 8.7%. 

To explain this tremendous growth, researchers point out that the driving factors behind the rise of biotechnology, indeed, are several big elephants in the room including the rising demands for food and agricultural products because of the growing global population in countries like America, China and India; the need for prevention as well as treatment for COVID-19 patients; the widespread presence of target diseases and genetic disorders like Cancer and Thalassemia; etc.

All of these problems lead to continuous efforts in raising investments, funds and financial support for research activities together with increasing clinical trials in leading biotechnology countries of the world namely China, India, Japan, U.S Canada, France, U.K. Germany. 

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For the middle-term vision, the biotechnology market will be dominated by bio pharmacy during the forthcoming years primarily due to the rising spread and new appearance of diseases. As a result, the growing demand for treatments and medications is boosting the bio pharmacy segment size and scale in the biotechnology market.

Bio-informatics, on the other hand, is anticipated to evolve at a rapid speed of more than 20 per cent over the same period. The main cause of this anticipation is the rising need for nucleic acid and protein sequencing as well as a high number of initiatives from private and government organizations, which are helping to push the growth of proteomics and genomics. Besides, the promotion of research on molecular biology and drug discovery also is counted in as a reasonable ground for bio-informatics’s growth.

3. Why are Biotechnology Translation Services Important in The Biotechnology Industry?

In biotechnology, accurate biotechnology translations play a vital role, especially when it comes to being used in research, manufacturing, and clinical trials carried out in the medicine and pharmaceutical industry on a global scale.

The reason for the importance of biotechnology translation services is that the biotechnology industry’s information and data depend mainly on the precision of language in key documents which contain officially legal factors such as contracts, commitment, Informed Consent (IC), Patient Information Sheets, manufacturing specifications and so on.

As a result, any mistranslation can lead to not only the health detriment of people but also a serious violation of legal requirements, which cause reputational damage and even economic loss to the company.

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To deal with this problem, professional biotechnology translation services are the key solution to rule out any risk of mistranslation in the biotechnology industry. Thankfully, you are able to get hold of that key thanks to the help of GTE Localize. Knowing the fact biotechnology is a life-science field that demands absolute accuracy and consistency in translation services, GTE Localize makes sure that the quality of biotechnology translation performed by our skilled and experienced translators always satisfies you.     

Their credibility in the field of biotechnology translation has long been proven through a lot of successful projects and positive feedback from international clients. 

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