How To Get The Best Farm Machinery Translation Services in France?

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Within a second of typing the term “Best farm machinery translation services in France,” you will acquire over 42 million results. The difficulty is that the more results you obtain, the more lost and bewildered you feel. How do you know which of those farm machinery language providers based in France is the best fit for you?

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The size, quality, price, and customer service of farm machinery translation agencies in France vary widely. A simple Google search will not provide you with the “ideal” farm machinery translation services you seek. To attain this goal, you must have a clear plan in place that outlines how to discover prospective people and assess their abilities to manage farm machinery translation jobs.

As a professional farm machinery translation agency, GTE Localize has gone through this procedure numerous times and have advised their clients on it. To be honest, it is not an easy task, and it will take a significant amount of time for your staff. But don’t be concerned. That is why GTE Localize’s team is here to give you advice.

In this blog post, they will show you how to choose the best farm machinery translation services in France in 5 simple stages. Please keep in mind that you may need to make some changes or adaptations to the method they advise in order for it to work completely for you.

Here are the sharing from GTE Localize:

Step 1 – Choose the right type of translation resources to work on your farm machinery translation projects

Before you start looking for the top farm machinery translation services in France, your team needs to select what kinds of translation materials you want to use. This selection has a direct impact on the platforms and strategies you will use in the future.

There are three options for translation partners:

In-house Translators 

Having a team of farm machinery translators inside your company (in-house translators) saves you a lot of time when you have projects that need to be completed quickly on a regular basis. You will only have to invest time and effort recruiting them once. Because in-house translators typically work with you on a long-term basis, they are more likely to understand your company’s services/products as well as your brand voices, which helps ensure the consistency and correctness of the translations.

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However, this method is only cost-effective if your team handles a large number of farm machinery translation assignments on a regular basis.

Freelance Translators

Working with freelance translators appears to be a preferable option if your needs for farm machinery translations are limited. Because you communicate and work directly with them, the rates they give are frequently lower than those offered by translation companies.

One major issue is that your team must manage all of the coordination on its own. Furthermore, the sorts and amount of translation tools and localization management platforms that freelancers can offer are limited.

Professional Translation Companies

Although dealing with a professional farm machinery translation business is more expensive than working with freelancers, the former has numerous advantages.

  • Providing services for a wide range of services (apart from translation), agricultural machinery language pairings, content categories, and CAT Tools;
  • Having the ability to handle high-volume or time-sensitive tasks;
  • Helping you with coordinating projects.

Step 2 – Search for potential resources

Once you’ve decided on the type of translation materials you want to work with, let’s start looking and compiling a list of probable candidates. Several strategies can be used in this stage. Begin by using search engines, then ask among your networks or read reviews.

Using search engines

To do these searches efficiently, avoid using broad keywords such as “Translation services” or “farm machinery translation services,” which will return the names of organizations from all over the world, not only France. Consider more specific keywords such as “farm machinery translation services in France” or “farm machinery translation company in France.” In the search field, you may additionally provide the language pair and content type. “English to farm machinery translation services in France,” for example, or “Chinese to farm machinery translation services in France.”

How To Get The Best Farm Machinery Translation Services in France

Asking for recommendations from friends or colleagues

You might make a post on Linkedin asking for advice on a decent translation agency or freelance translator headquartered in France. As the desire for worldwide business expansion has grown in recent years, you must have at least one colleague or acquaintance who has previously worked with a translation agency. Even if they cannot recommend a good one, they may advise you to avoid a particular agency with whom they had a negative experience.

Reading review pages

Because many review pages are swarmed with bogus evaluations from the business owners themselves or their competitors, some individuals distrust the accuracy of internet reviews and don’t bother checking them out. The thing is, reading other people’s stories or experiences has so many advantages that it would be a shame to neglect them. When it comes to discovering a list of the best farm machinery translation services in France, we recommend visiting the three quality review pages listed below:

  • France’s Finest – Besides a list of the finest translation services in France, France’s Finest features a special company story that tells you more about the services and working process of your candidate.
  • – Reviews on this site can only be submitted through a verified LinkedIn account or through an interview with a Clutch employee. As a result, you can be confident that each review is legit.
  • – GoodFirms, like Clutch, requires reviewers to create an account in order to publish a review. They must also offer project information such as the company name, word count, budget, and rating.

Step 3 – Make a shortlist of the best farm machinery translation services in France

Step 2 yields a list of all translation services in France that specialize in agricultural machinery translation. This list, however, is still too broad. What you should do next is establish some criteria for narrowing this list down to only 5 to 7 applicants. You should investigate the following:

  • The number of language pairs they offer – Some local agencies may only be conversant with one or two language pairs related to farm machinery. If you need your content translated into a variety of language pairs, these local agencies are ineligible. What you should look for in this case is a regional or global agency.
  • Services that they offer – Translation is the sole step required for some internal content. However, for more essential content that will be published outside of the business, you will require translation, editing, and proofreading services. Furthermore, publications with a high graphic content may require the Desktop Publishing (DTP) stage.
  • Portfolio of the company – We propose that you work with a French company that has extensive experience in farm machinery translations or that has completed a few similar previous projects to yours.

Step 4 – Compare their competences

In this phase, contact your shortlisted candidates through email or phone call with a set of questions, as recommended in this post. Once you have all of the answers, you may make a table to compare their abilities to meet your needs:

  • Rate – Every organization promises to provide you with the greatest farm machinery translation services in France at the lowest or most inexpensive costs. Don’t be too hasty to believe that. What you should seek for is not the lowest rate, but the one that provides the best value for money, i.e. a fee that is within your budget and commensurate to the desired quality.
  • Reviews – In addition to reading evaluations from former clients of the contenders, as advised in the second stage, you should also read reviews from translators who have worked with these companies. The reason is straightforward. A good translation partner is one who not only serves their customers well but also treats their translators well (e.g. always pay a reasonable rate and on time). You can read translation reviews on ProZ. 
  • Customer services – Pay attention to the reactions of your candidates while mailing them. Do they provide you with clear and informative replies to all of your questions? Are they communicative?
  • Certification – Translators who have received sufficient language and translation training (e.g. a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation or ATA Certification) stand out as stronger prospects, since these credentials demonstrate their experience and dedication to translation. You should look for translation agencies that have ISO 9001:2015 for Quality management system or/and ISO 17100:2015 Requirements for translation services.
  • Other factors – Payment methods, Supported translation tools and management systems, after-hours help, willingness to sign NDA, and so on.

After considering all of these variables, your list of probable prospects should be reduced to only three names.

Step 5 – Test their ability for farm machinery translation services

Most translation services or freelance translators will provide a modest free test of up to 300 words. If you want them to undertake a lengthier test, we recommend paying for it as a pilot project. From your perspective, the test is used to assess the quality of farm machinery translation services provided by your candidates. Your candidate will be able to better comprehend the content and your expectations, allowing them to perform better when working on real-world projects.

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We propose that you form a review team of at least two people to examine the test translations. One is an experienced native farm machinery reviewer who will verify the linguistic element, while the other is knowledgeable with your company’s products/services and industry terminology. You should be able to rate your candidates from best to worst and determine the top farm machinery translation services in France for your projects by now.

Our experience has shown us that you should always tell all candidates of the results of the test, even if they fail. Because unexpected events can arise throughout the course of a genuine project, such as when your chosen language supplier is unable to meet a deadline or the quality falls short of your expectations. You may need to contact the other candidates for support to ensure that the translations are ready for your business strategy.

Wrap Up

We hope that by following the steps outlined above, you will be able to locate the top farm machinery translation services in France. Best wishes with your project!

If you need quality farm machinery translation services in France, send GTE Localize an email and get a free quote and consultancy from their localization experts.