The Benefits of Chemical Translation and Tips for Getting High-Quality Chemical Translation Services

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Chemistry is one of the principal foundations of structural industries and has an impact on almost every aspect of our lives, from the basic needs of food, clothing, health, energy, to environmental factors such as water, air and soil all consisting of chemical elements.

People have long attached great importance to this field because of its vital role in producing fuels, but it is until recent years when cross-border cooperation and research in areas of chemistry are particularly prompted thanks to the development of digital communication. As a result, it leads to the growing need for chemical translation services as well as ways to access them effectively. 

With the expanding tendency to international markets, chemical translation will soon become one of the leading services in high demand of both quality and quantity. Given this fact, we would like to provide you with this article for the purpose of helping you be well-prepared in front of the predictable waves of chemical translator needs and get hold of some useful tips leading to excellent chemical translation services. 

Why Are Chemical Translation Services Crucial to Your Global Success?

Before coming into the main tips, let us show you some problems that high-quality Translation Services can eliminate. Especially in the fast pace of global development, being able to get rid of these issues is beneficial to your company in some ways. 

1. Mistranslation of Chemical Content

In fact, a mistranslation in daily-life documents can give you a bit of fun. However, in such a highly complex and influential field like chemistry, any mistranslation, even the slightest one, can bring about enormous outcomes resulting in deaths, economic loss and long-term damage to the environment. In other words, chemical translation can be considered a matter of not only development but also the survival of humanity. 

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One example of chemical mistranslation leading to serious consequences is the Tianjin explosions. The incorrect storage of flammable goods and dangerous chemicals namely ammonium nitrate and sodium cyanide by careless mistakes in labelling and translating chemical names are the main reason for the fires and then horrific explosions. Apart from hundreds of dead and injured people and nearly a billion dollars in damage, the leakages and release of toxic materials after the disaster are detrimental to the living environment in the long term.  

2. Violation of Chemical Regulations in the Target Country

With the aim of making sure that chemicals sold and used do not endanger human health or the environment, every country regulates differently in the chemical field owing to the differences in infrastructure system and industrial development. About this problem, chemical translation services help to accurately translate the current local chemical regulations and legal requirements into your language.

From basic rules in the production of chemicals to the more complicated ones in commercial use, all of the translated versions of them give assistance to penetrating and expanding processes into other targets. As such, taking advantage of this service is an effective way to control both chemical-related legislation and safety guidelines related to chemical safety in each country.

3. Lack of Consistent Chemical Terminology

Chemical terminology differs not only in language but also in geographical location. Especially when it comes to distinctive languages of Latin and non-Latin based characters, there may be a lack of equivalent terms in chemical translation, which causes incomprehensibility and inconsistency in the document. This means that depending on a literal translation isn’t enough for the chemical field. In order to solve this problem, it’s important to double-check chemical terminology together with update new knowledge of the chemical industry.

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3 Tips for High-Quality Chemical Translation Services

To get better at these challenges and pursue a successful career in the chemical translation field, besides the necessary qualification of language and knowledge in chemistry, they need some crucial and useful tips that people should prepare themselves for.

1. Learn the Chemical Regulations of the Target Country

It is very important to read up on the chemical regulations and safety laws of the country you are aiming at. In addition, in view of the unpredictable and volatile situation of the world economy and politics, the wide-ranging and changeable legal requirements in this field demand translators to update them not only day by day but also region by region.    

For example, when being a member of the EU, the UK chemicals industry was regulated through a framework based on EU legislation namely REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) enacted by The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). However, Brexit happened and the exit of the UK from the EU led to considerable changes in chemical regulations of this country. 

2. Prepare Terminology

Specialized chemical terms, particularly those found in product user manuals or guides, can be difficult to comprehend. Like most other industries, the chemical field has its own glossary. Because of the importance of chemistry, Oxford publishes a dictionary of Chemistry that compiles a wide range of popular chemical terms in use. 

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If you want to make good preparation of chemical terms, you ought to evolve both wide knowledge and practical experience in the chemical field with high frequency. The more well-prepared you are, the better results you get.

Moreover, the application of terminology management processes and tools can optimize translation productivity as well as provide an effective source of terminology storage.   

3. Work with Professionals

Remember to look for a professional translation agency consisting of a team of skilled and qualified translators who have worked in the chemical industry regularly. If possible, they had better specialize in specific industry branches such as plastics manufacturing, plastics manufacturing, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals materials science and so on. 

GTE Localize, for instance, is a professional one like this because we make sure that your project is carried out by talents with a Master’s degree or equivalent qualifications and no less than 5 years of working in the field you have chosen. Several of the linguists in GTE Localize are pursuing or used to work in the major of materials science or applied chemistry. 

On understanding that approaching the matter from the view of a specialist is the best way to guarantee the accuracy and consistency of your final chemical translation, let’s GTE Localize help you to get access to it via their high-quality chemical translation services! Contact them right now!