Why Is Italian Translation Necessary For the Cosmetic Industry?

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Italy’s flourishing cosmetics sector blends well with its stylish image. Yet, in an attempt to successfully enter the market or bring it to the rest of the world, the product quality or aesthetics are not enough. Here is the key you may neglect: Italian translation

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Wait… What does Italian localization have to do with your business? Is selling cosmetics all about glamorous photos and fancy influencer marketing? You may ask. 

Professional Italian translation can do wonders for your cosmetic company, and this article will explain why it is crucial. 

The Demand for Italian Cosmetic Translation

In Italy, the manufacturing and marketing of cosmetics, including makeup, skincare, shampoos, and grooming, has expanded significantly over the past 15 years to become a social trend worldwide. 

While the market for beauty goods has always been strong, the emergence of social media influencers has thrust Italian cosmetics, particularly skincare, into the limelight.

Many of the US’s most popular skincare or makeup items are imported from Italy. And they are also incredibly well-liked. In many other countries, consumers are obsessed with Italian skincare or makeup items. 

Similar to this, Italian customers also adore American cosmetics companies like Glossier. 

Such international trade is highly promising. Hence, there is a great demand for qualified Italian – English translation and vice versa in the cosmetics industry.

Sales or marketing aside, cosmetic production, legal procedures, and safety regulations also occur globally, creating the need for professional translation. 

Here are some documentation or materials that require Italian localization: 

  • Labels and packaging
  • Contracts
  • Certifications and records
  • Studies on efficacy
  • Publications and press releases
  • Technical information sheet
  • Website articles & social posts
  • Promotional and media initiatives

How Italian Translation Helps Your Cosmetic Brand

#1. Be precise with technical terms and information

The cosmetics business is genuinely multinational; goods are shipped and sold worldwide, and international laboratories frequently conduct experimental research required to back up product statements. 

Also, most EU products need to be subject to EU Regulation 1223/2009. And the self-certification approach serves as the foundation for the safety and compliance of most cosmetics offered on the European market.

As a result, documentation like basic safety data sheets and stability test results requested by local health authorities must be translated into the appropriate tongues. 

And Italian translation of these terms and information must be done with 100% accuracy. Otherwise, it might cause trouble for your cosmetic brand.  

Those who translate such documentation, labels, packaging, and contained pamphlets must thoroughly understand cosmetic chemistry. Or at least, they should be provided with a terminology dictionary.

In fact, by working with a professional Italian translation service provider in the cosmetic industry like GTE Localize, you can ensure that all translations follow global cosmetic standards.

#2. Adapt to the brand’s tone of voice 

Each brand has its own tone of voice, which can be seen in its design and content. Customers can tell who you are from your packaging, labels, logo, or from your motto, key messages, and daily posts. 

When it comes to the cosmetics industry, this factor is even more critical, requiring massive investment from companies. 

To keep your brand’s tone of voice consistent across countries and languages, you must adopt proper Italian translation. You may use it not only for your motto, taglines or press releases but also during your regular website or social posts. 

Can we just go for Google Translate? Isn’t it much less costly? 

Well, Google Translate can help your buyers grasp the basic idea of any text or message. And yes, it can help you save money at the beginning. 

But it can’t work on the right tone of voice for your brand. This task requires professionals with experience or knowledge in the cosmetic industry, apart from linguistic ability. 

If you want to succeed in brand marketing in Italy or bring your Italian cosmetic brand to the world, Italian translation must be on your shortlist!  

#3. Boost your sales

At first sight, it would seem as though the beauty industry is entirely graphical. However, although picture sessions for glitzy publications and TVCs with celebs are vital parts of the industry, written communication is just as essential to attracting your customers. 

In fact, a delicate balance between feeling and logic must be achieved while designing and promoting goods for the cosmetics sector. Look at the product details for a facewash or toner product. You will see a combination of technical terminology like “emulsifying sucrose esters” and alluring words like “lively” and “dewy brilliance.” 

Obviously, language has the power to deliver the best of your brand and products. 

On top of that, cosmetic buyers are getting more selective and knowledgeable these days. They want to be clearly informed of how “better” your product functions are than other available products. 

Also, skincare or makeup transactions have typically been motivated by emotions. To successfully draw their attention, you will need clear, bold, and consistent messages across all channels, including your website, social posts, etc. 

By hiring a professional Italian translation agency, your brand can persuade more international consumers, boosting your sales. 

Enjoy Success In The Cosmetic Industry with GTE Localize’s Italian Translation 

This article has given you clear ideas of how professional Italian localization can help your business in the cosmetic industry. 

This task is like an art, and it requires not just knowledge, language, and experience but also a heart for the industry and customers. 

GTE Localize can provide top-notch Italian translation service, with a fast turnaround time and the best price ever! So wait for no second to to have a free consultancy with their experts today!