The Importance of Food Ingredients Translation

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It is believed that the demand for food is always on the rise owing to the increasing world population. Along with the appearance of new products to meet human needs, the requirement for translation of documents in the field of food and beverage has also gone up. Particularly, people now look for further detailed information of food ingredients translated into their language.

Also, the worldwide food distribution and consumption lead to a narrower gap between companies and customers. That is why international food companies and manufacturers are now searching for not only opportunities to expand their aliment products to all over the world but also means of communication to their customers by using food ingredients translation services. 

On understanding your concerns, we would like to help you gain more appreciation of food ingredients translation via this article. The viewpoint from which we consider the problems is the angle of businesses those who want to expand the market and satisfy the desire of their consumers. Now, let’s take a look into the important role of food ingredients translation in some main aspects. 

1. Food ingredients translation makes sure of the food safety

When it comes to food ingredients, the first to spring to mind may include not only essential nutrients but also food additives such as artificial sweeteners to increase the sweetness, food colours for decoration, antioxidants or preservatives for food preservation, and so on, some of which can be a kind of allergen to people. It is a fact that not many consumers are good at recognizing chemical symbols or foreign names. Even more, so many people are not fully knowledgeable about their allergy status. For instance, it is estimated that approximately 68% of the world’s population has lactose intolerance, a condition in which a person’s body is unable to digest the sugar found in normal milk products. However, some people do not know what lactose is until when the word “sugar” is translated into their native languages.   

Food ingredients translation makes sure of the food safety

That is to say, the translation of food ingredients into different languages comes as an optimal solution for this problem because it makes people aware of additional substances in food and decide on whether to consume it or not. This kind of service absolutely comes in handy for those who take up a dietary habit or go on a plant-based and vegetarian diet since the translated ingredient deck assists them in controlling the substance absorption of the body. In addition, basic information and instructions of aliment products such as manufacturing date and expiration date as well as proper storage temperature and procedures can be conveyed completely and accurately to consumers, which instructs them to make good use of food in the right and safe condition to health. 

2. Food ingredients translation helps you sell more

If you know how to take advantage of food ingredients translation, it can be the key factor in your sales and marketing strategies. The demand for translators who have the ability to translate food ingredients into the local language is increasing because international companies tend to customize into the market by creating distinctive names linked with both regional culture and international products.

Food ingredients translation helps you sell more

One of the most outstanding examples is the penetration of Coca Cola into the biggest-market population in China. Knowing for the truth that less than 1% of China’s population is fluent in English, this famous brand of beverage invests in the good translation of not only their name brand but also the ingredient deck of the products. As a result, Coca Cola thrives in China with revenue of $9.02 billion in just the first quarter of 2021. There is no doubt that its revenue will increase year after year. The success of Coca Cola in China demonstrates the considerable benefits that food ingredients translation can bring to a business. 

Moreover, a food ingredients translation with advantageous features of products enables you to grab customers’ attention by providing useful information, which provokes their purchase decision of them. Since the high-quality performance of this service can partly contribute to the way customers process and enjoy food products, there is a high rate of repeat buyers coming back to trust in your business. Clearly, a food ingredients translation is beneficial to sales and retention rate as well as helps you expand your business in an effective and sustainable way. 

3. Food ingredients translation helps to meet legal requirements

When penetrating a target market, it is fundamental for international companies to customize and adapt to current national food laws and regulations. Not only do you have to prove the safety of product ingredients for product quality control but you also must translate them into the official language of the importing country. The misvalue or mistranslation of product ingredients can lead to the disapproval or forced recall of products, which happens in demanding markets like the United States and the European Union. According to Statista, countries with the highest food recall rate for reasons of legal and safe requirements are Italy, Netherlands, France and Germany.

Food ingredients translation helps to meet legal requirements

To solve this problem, ingredient translation is the crucial element because it makes it easier for you to have knowledge and understand legal requirements. Thereby, you can choose the right path of development and make good preparations for your company.

Final Thoughts

As we all know, agriculture lays the foundation of a sustainable food industry. 

When focusing on raw materials, you take a closer step toward easier access to the food ingredient, which helps you to understand more about it. Therefore, the translation right from the first step of manufacturing a product can make a big and significant difference to your company as it can bring you more knowledge throughout the food production chain and hence, choose a good translation provider for the final ingredient deck.

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