How To Get The Best Biodiversity Translation Services in Italy?

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Biodiversity is a subdiscipline of high-tech and life-science research concentrated on Earth’s biological diversity and variability. This means that this sector directly makes considerable contributions to the study of genetics, species, and ecosystem variation, which lay the foundation and basis of human life. As the documents on biodiversity mainly come from abroad, the specialized-translation versions of them are of great interest and demand to professors, students, and those working in this field.

Given the fact that biodiversity studies and action plans are being intensely promoted in European countries thanks to their sustainable infrastructure and economic development, we decide to focus on finding the best way to help you get biodiversity translation services, particularly in Italy.

The reason why we choose this country is that it is home to up to 43% of Europe’s total species described, which is equal to 4% of the world’s species. Therefore, not only does Italy lead the world in biodiversity research but also it also provides a lot of options for biodiversity translation services. The more candidates it gives, the more confused you feel as you don’t have much experience and knowledge about this topic.

For all of these reasons, in order to help you rule out all of your confusion, we would like to give you useful instruction via this article, which will be presented in the form of a step-by-step guide for getting access to the best biodiversity translation services and professionals in this field. Let’s look at our 4 steps.  

Step 1 – Select the type of translation partners to manage your biodiversity translation projects

The decision of choosing your translation partners is vital and requires you to put much effort in as it has a direct impact on the platforms and methods you’ll use in future biodiversity translation projects.

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When it comes to translation partners, you can consider 3 popular options including:

In-house Translators 

Setting up a team of biodiversity translators on staff is a solution for you because it takes you just only one time to prepare for the recruitment. In-house translators typically work with you over a long period of time, therefore, they are familiar with your company’s requirements as well as your literary styles and brand voices. There will be no inconsistency or inaccuracy in the translated version, which makes your specialized biodiversity documents more polished and your company more professional. 

Nevertheless, to maintain the activity of such a full-time team requires great cost as well as management. Thus, you should think about this type of translator only if your team works on a large number of biodiversity translation projects with a high frequency.

Freelance Translators

Working with freelance translators seems to be a better option if you have a small number of biodiversity documents to be translated. Independent translators usually have lower rates than translation agencies since you connect and work with them directly without any intermediate.

One drawback is the types and number of translation tools and customization management solutions provided by freelancers are limited.

Professional Translation Agencies

Another type of partner for your biodiversity translation projects is a professional translation agency in this field. As being the expertises in translating biodiversity documents, they can give you multiple benefits such as the provision for a variety of services, a wide range of fields, diverse pairs of languages, plenty of content types, and professional CAT Tools. 

This kind of translation partner has competence for high-volume, time-sensitive or high-intensity biodiversity projects. 

Should you want to get further information on ideal translation partners, take a look at another article of ours in which we provide details pros and cons of each type. 

Step 2 – Look for possible resources of biodiversity translation providers

Let’s start looking for and making a list of potential candidates once you have decided on the type of translation resources you want to work with. This step can be approached in a variety of ways. 

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You can begin by simply searching online via Google, social media or professional sites such as Proz, Translators Café, LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr and so on. These sites allow the search according to service, occupation, field and location. Therefore, remember to take advantage of some keywords like “biodiversity”, “translation services”, “translator”, and “Italy”. 

In addition, looking through reviews on pages is a good idea to find potential biodiversity translators. Some recommendations for you are and You are able to optimize your searching result thanks to using the information filter feature, which helps to seek biodiversity translation services providers by categories of country and field of job.

Also, don’t forget to make the best use of your available network of specialized fields or careers. Getting advice and suggestions from colleagues, friends, family and acquaintances can assist you in connecting with suitable biodiversity translation providers. 

Step 3 – Create a shortlist of Italy’s best biodiversity translation services

Once finishing step 2, You will have in hand a list of all biodiversity translation agencies in Italy. What you must do next is to narrow this list by setting up some standards for their services such as quantities of language pairs, levels of translation services as well as previous biodiversity translation projects. By looking into these conditions, you can cut down on time to review all of the candidates on the long list and have a basis to highlight their outstanding competence.   

Step 4 – Make a comparison of biodiversity translation partners from certain aspects

It is time to make contact with your potential partner via email or phone call to get information about their rate, certification and other factors.

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About the rate, keep in mind that “you get what you pay for” but don’t just make hasty decisions for the cheapest or highest one. You had better consider the most affordable price for your budget with commensurable quality for your pay.

Regarding certification, to check their qualification, you may ask for a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation or ATA Certification as well as  ISO 17100:2015 Requirements for translation services.

Other factors that you should check are payment methods, NDA contract or customer care service. And last but not least, a mini-test in the biodiversity field can be used as one of the criteria that the partner needs to meet.   

To Sum Up

As for a high-tech and life-science field like biodiversity, you should consider a lot of factors and make many processes in order to get the best translation services. GTE Localize believes that they can make a shortcut for you in your searching journey thanks to our qualified and skilled translators in the field of biodiversity translation in particular and life-science translation in general. 

During years of experience in providing professional translation services, they have cooperated with many international clients in the life-science field as well as accomplished plenty of scientific projects in form of multiple contents. They take pride in the value we bring to not only our customers but also the science itself. 

Connect with them and let them increase your value!