The Challenges of Chemical Translation Services and How To Overcome Them

The Challenges of Chemical Translation Services and How To Overcome Them_Banner

When going global, companies in the chemical industry need to make sure they have their chemical document translations projects in place with clarity and accuracy.

Because of the nature of chemicals, any inaccuracies in their translation could endanger the lives of those who handle and use them. This need for clear and accurate translation leaves chemical companies with many challenges in choosing the right chemical translation service.

Refer to the challenges of chemical translation services and how to overcome them in the article below.

Challenges of Chemical Translation Services

#1. The Danger of Mistranslation Chemical Content

From a positive perspective, bad translation can lead to amusing moments. However, in the chemical translation sector, any mistranslation could endanger the lives of those who would handle, transport, and use the chemicals.

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One of the worst incidents was the 2015 Tianjin Port Disaster. An explosion caused by misunderstanding chemical storage and handling instructions combined with technical document flaws killed 173 people and cost $1.1 billion.

#2. The Differences in Chemical Regulations Around the World

Strict laws control the chemical sector, which must be observed. These rules address the effects of chemicals on human health and the environment.

Countries around the world, including Canada, China, and the European Union, have enacted chemical legislation that shifts responsibility for public disclosure of chemical product safety from governments to chemical firms.

This change, whether through local substance lists or REACH rules and regulations (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemical Substances), necessitates effective translation of facts regarding chemical composition and application. Inaccuracies in translation or phrasing can have major effects, not just for a manufacturer’s product distribution, but also for their potential liabilities.

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A patent translation is a document that accurately describes the invention technology, and at the same time, it also has the aspect of a legal document. The specification describes what is legally protected by establishing the scope of the patent along with the content of the technology. Any translation needs accuracy, but mistranslations and mistakes in the original text of a patent document, which is also a legal document, in the worst case, can be fatal or patents may not be obtained.

#3. Terminology Management of Different Languages

Technical phrases can be difficult to comprehend, particularly when they appear in product user manuals or guides. The chemical industry, like most other industries, has its own jargon.

Moreover, the terminology used in chemistry differs based on language and locality. This suggests that depending on a literal translation of a certain language isn’t always a good idea. In some cases, the consequences can be severe. As a result, it is necessary to double-check chemical terminology on a regular basis.

Only a translator who has received formal training and experience in the chemical translation sector will be able to accurately translate complex terminology into understandable terms for the intended audience.

Effective chemical translation services will use a terminology management method to maintain consistency in terminology translation, in addition to industry-specific knowledge. Terminology management extends beyond technical terms to product names and even company-specific terminology.

How To Overcome Chemical Translation Services Challenges?

#1. Learn the Chemical Regulations of the Target Country

Chemical standards are intended to decrease the danger of terminology or safety issues like the ones listed above. The rules themselves differ depending on the target market’s locale.

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Even with something as simple as a safety notice, it’s easy to see how much confusion this may cause. When working with sophisticated chemical equations, the likelihood of dangerous misunderstandings skyrockets.

When entering that market, you must do your homework on local laws and regulations and follow them.

#2. Prepare Terminology

Glossary translations have become important in the translation process, especially when you need to translate complex technical documents such as chemical documents. 

A good glossary allows compilers to avoid ambiguity. Instead of spending a lot of time sending emails back and forth asking for an explanation of a particular term, translators can refer to the definition given in the glossary and speed up the translation process. If your glossary merges well with the translation memory of the CAT tools, you don’t have to pay much for repeated terms. 

A glossary translation can be thought of as a personal dictionary of translators to ensure they follow your company’s guidelines and tone of voice. A consistent tone of voice means that your target audience can recognize your message and brand image in multiple languages.

#3. Work with Professionals

If you partner with a systematic translation company that provides high-quality translations, you can ensure accurate chemical translations without any translation errors.

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