About US

“I wanted to help chefs understand the true impact they can have on nature and the environment.”

– Igor Vaintraub, Founder and Food Waste Farmer

Food Waste Farmer Igor Vaintraub, West Sussex. 2017.

Founded in 2011, Indie Ecology food waste farming offers London’s top chefs the opportunity to work with the latest soil technologies and eco-tech solutions to deliver exactly what their kitchens need, when they need it; their own fully-managed food chain that they control from seed to plate (and back again!).

Our daily collections of waste from kitchens are turned into compost on our West Sussex farm, where it’s ploughed back into the soil to grow fresh produce for the kitchens it came from. We provide the land, the farmers and logistics: the chefs decide what they want, and how much they need.

Chefs are able to manage exactly what is grown with an attention to detail that both informs and is reflected in intricately creative and remarkably tasty menus across London’s top restaurants.

Our fundamental goal is to reduce and re-think food waste.

Millions of tonnes of food is wasted each year. Over half of this is considered avoidable. We help address the food waste problem in commercial kitchens; reducing CO2 emissions through better land management and composting waste to work it back into the land, while following the best organic practices.

Indie Ecology also works hard to ‘rescue’ farmland, encourage biodiversity, and promote more sustainable growing.

We are committed to feeding people in a way that is positive for businesses, communities and the environment – both today and in the future.

Chef Dean Parker & Food Waste Farmer Igor Vaintraub, West Sussex. 2017.
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